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Uber Eats

Urban Beets, March 9 2021

“The Fungus is Among Us!”

You may have been hearing a lot of buzz around mushrooms and the wealth of benefits they can provide. The internet has study after study regarding research being done all over the world to tap into the power of the mushroom whilst people in China have been using mushrooms medicinally for centuries. 

Naturally, mushrooms are full of some great vitamins and antioxidants. Mushrooms are high in water content, contain some protein and are low in calories and have no fat.
Great for dieters!  Whenever we saute some portobellos or add some button mushrooms to a salad we are adding soluble dietary fiber, Vitamins C,D,B, Folate, Niacin(good for skin and digestion), Selenium(anti-oxidant), Potassium (rivaling the banana), Pantothenic acid(good for the nervous system) and Copper which is vital to our survival.  Copper is a mineral we cannot make in our bodies and must find from other sources. Copper is good for strong bones and the nervous system as well as aiding in the production of red blood cells. 

But what if you don’t like the taste of mushrooms? How can you reap the benefits?
At Urban Beets we feature mushroom powders and tinctures in some of our menu items so even if mushrooms aren’t your cup of tea, you can still get the benefits without the taste. 

This month you will see mushrooms all over Urban Beets. We will be featuring many varieties and flavor profiles in our bakery and our weekly specials. We will also be featuring tinctures for sale so you can utilize them at home.

You’ll find more information about those in this month’s newsletter.  I can’t get enough of these little powerhouses! It’s March Mushroom Madness!

But mushrooms aside, I want to say Thank you to all of our friends that have propelled us forward into spring!  We are all loving the weather change and the hope it brings. We know we wouldn’t be here without you. Thanks and Take Care! 

We will see you soon!


Written by

Urban Beets

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