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Uber Eats

“The Fungus is Among Us!”

Urban Beets, March 9 2021

You may have been hearing a lot of buzz around mushrooms and the wealth of benefits they can provide. The internet has study after study regarding research being done all over the world to tap into the power of the mushroom whilst people in China have been using mushrooms medicinally for centuries.

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Love is in the Air!

Urban Beets, February 2 2021

February in Wisconsin generally includes snow and cold temperatures. We can’t huddle together quite yet but we can certainly enjoy warm and comforting food and drink while we think of sunlight and warmer times to come. And of course in February we have Valentine’s Day! This holiday seems to invoke either heart filled feelings of adoration, sweetnes...

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Let Me Plant One On Ya!

Urban Beets, December 16 2020

Happy Holidays! The month of December has always been a festive time filled with family traditions. In my family, all the women get together for a day of shopping, chatting over coffee and a big lunch. We lock arms and stroll, take the little ones to see Santa and wonder who will cry on the Big Guy’s lap this year. We pack a lot of love and togethe...

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Urban Beets at Home Recipe: Walnut Brownie Bites

Urban Beets, June 25 2020

We would like to share one of the treats we make at the cafe that you can make at home as well. The Walnut Brownie Bites are tasty, packed full of energy and great for an on the go snack! Here's how you can make these delectable bites at home. Ingredients Add all of the ingredients to a food processor and process until a ball forms. The mixture s...

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7 of the Best Seeds to Eat & Why They Are Healthy

Urban Beets, June 24 2020

Seeds are one of life’s greatest treasures. They’re bite-sized treats full of protein, essential fatty acids, and other vital micronutrients. You can sprout them, toast them or enjoy them fresh, sprinkled on a salad, smoothie bowl, or a snack on the go. Here’s a handful of our favorites that we use in our menu.

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