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We are looking for a motivated and passionate Cashier and Juice Bar team member to join our growing team! We have opening positions for full-time and part-time members. The culture here is fun and team-oriented with lots of opportunities for learning and growth.  

Job Description

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:·        

  • Team Members take care of the front-of-house functions. This includes assisting customers, making juices, smoothies, espresso drinks, and more.
  • Also, keeping the front-of-house area clean and organized, prepping fruits and veggies, ringing up customers, filling orders, etc.·        
  • You will be responsible for creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere while learning recipes and working well with the rest of the Urban Beets team. Must have a positive attitude, and ability to work well with others in a fast-paced environment.·      
  • Must be able to work some weekends


Free meal with 6+ hour shift

Free Coffee drink with shift

20% off Food/Drink on off days

Average hourly $14-16/hr.  *Base Pay- $10.00 - 12.00/ hour plus pooled tips based on hours worked.

Café Team Leads act as manager on duty when our GM or owner is not in the building. They run shifts, place orders, take inventory, provide customer service, and more!They contribute to successful shifts by maintaining staff productivity, prepping, making menu items, stocking inventory, and maintaining sanitation standards. To be successful in this role, the ideal candidate will possess excellent communication and multi-tasking skills. Ultimately, you will play an essential role in contributing to our customer satisfaction and restaurant growth.

  • Will learn and work across all operations within the café and successfully respond to gaps in service due to staffing issues, and assist in scheduling team members.  Will work front and back of house shifts as needed, but will be primarily front of house – customer facing.·        

  • Training new staff and holding existing staff accountable to SOP’s. ·        

  • Identifying staff for development and advancement. ·        

  • Ensure the closing checklist is completed thoroughly and in a timely manner·        

  • Ensure staff stays on task and complete jobs accurately·        

  • Communicate with UB GM and ownership in order to sustain a clean, organized, efficient, and positive cafe atmosphere·        

  • Make sure food preparation and storage areas meet health and safety standards·        

  • Manage day to day operations, including cash management and handling, ensuring all café areas are clean and tidy·        

  • Coordinate café supply orders by carefully purchasing, while minimizing costs through proper training, waste management, and PAR level management.


  • Free meal with 6+ hour shift
  • Free coffee drink with shift 20% off food/drink on off day


Must be able to work some weekends

A minimum of 1-year experience in a similar role.

Excellent communication, organizational skills and an aptitude for multi-tasking.

Be able to work cooperatively and efficiently in a team

Average Hourly $19 - $21/hr. Bay Pay: $15 - $16.5 hour; plus pooled tips based on hours worked

Job Opportunities

Here are the current openings at Urban Beets

Juice Bar/Cafe Team Member

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Sandwich Line Member

Front of House Cafe Lead

Prep CookBrown Deer Location

Become part of a team where you make fresh, healthy, and delicious plant-based food! We have opening positions for full-time and part-time line members.

Urban Beets kitchen is a low carbon footprint, with no open flames, deep fryers, etc.

Job Description

As a line member, you will:·        

  • Prepare pre-prepped menu items for customers and staff. No grill or stovetop, just refrigerated prep table, warmers, and quick-cook.·        
  • Ensure the station is set up and stocked·        
  • Prepare sauces, chop vegetables·        
  • Serve our guests and team members with passion and care.·        
  • Be empowered to solve problems, get results, and have fun.·        
  • Ensure food safety and sanitation standards are never compromised.·        
  • Work efficiently to fill prep pars on time and meet the speed of service standards.

Successful line members have the following competencies:·        

  • Precision: Weighing, measuring, portioning, and checking the temperatures of ingredients·  
  • Kitchen Skills: Chopping, dicing, slicing, and toasting safely and accurately.·        
  • Efficiency: Quickly and comfortably completing multiple assigned tasks·        
  • Communication: with guests, peers, and leaders in a concise and effective way.·         Comprehension: Reading and carefully following documented recipes to ensure quality and consistency.


  • Must be able to work some weekends, 1st and 2nd shift opportunities available.·         Bending and reaching for stored items, lifting up to 40lbs·        
  • Doing dishes, sweeping floors, and moving equipment.


Free meal with 6+ hour shift

Free coffee drink with shift

20% off food/drink on off days

Job Type: Full/Part-time

Average Hourly $15-18/hr.  Base Pay- $11.-$14. / hour plus pooled tips based on hours worked.

Apply Now

Apply Now

Apply Now

We are currently seeking a full-time, experienced, energetic prep cook. The ideal candidate would possess strong organizational skills and be able to work independently and effectively manage themself.  Urban Beets kitchen is a low carbon footprint, with no open flames, deep fryers, etc.  We pre-cook everything thing that goes on the line; our kitchen line is a warming line. The prep cook uses a tilt skillet, steam kettle and oven to prep items. The prep person makes all burgers and breakfast patties, stew, pasta sauce, marinade, saute vegetables, etc.

Prep Cook Job Responsibilities:

  • Perform routine kitchen tasks.
  • Follow the prep list created to plan duties. Knowledge of commercial kitchen equipment
  • Label and stock all ingredients on shelves so they can be organized and easily accessible.
  • Measure ingredients and seasonings to be used in cooking.
  • Prepare cooking ingredients by washing and chopping vegetables, and other meal prep.
  • Set up workstations and ingredients so that food can be prepared according to recipes. Undertake basic cooking duties, such as sauteing, boiling and baking
  • Maintain a clean and orderly kitchen by washing dishes, sanitizing surfaces, etc.
  • Ensure that all food and other items are stored properly.
  • Perform other kitchen duties as assigned.

Benefits Include a free shift meal, employee discount; Full-time benefits include paid vacation and holiday pay. This position also allows you to make your own hours!

Prep Cook Qualifications / Skills:

  • Knowledge of health and safety rules in a kitchen
  • Knowledge of basic cooking techniques
  • Organizational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure

Education and Experience Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent is desirable

Bay pay- $16 - $18 hourly DOE